My message to the state:

Don’t even try to drive a wedge
Between me & Workers World Party!


I try to take as much care with the pronouns
“I” and “we” as I do she, ze and he.

So I’m sharing this excerpt from the letter
I sent months ago to my comrades
in Workers World Party.

FBI: Hands off
the movement!


February 18, 2012
Dear Comrades,

If comradeliness generated actual thermal heat, this would be a very warm message.

Today—without one single political or personal grievance—I request that the Secretariat accept my request to formally change my status in relation to the Party from Member to Supporter.

I take this action, after 39 years as cadre, for one reason only: to protect Workers World Party from any possible legal consequences that could result from my public actions in pursuit of access to medical expertise and treatment for Lyme and co-infections (Lyme/+). …

I have moved into a medical Standard of Care that puts me on a collision course with the U.S. medical establishment and the state. This period of active witch hunts against continued Lyme/+ care that has been characterized by doctors and people with Lyme/+ as “medical McCarthyism.”

Treatment within this controversial and dissenting medical Standard of Care, by Lyme/+ knowledgeable doctors, leaves me vulnerable to scrutiny by state agencies and the threat of prosecution for pursuing care.

I won’t spell out here the lengths to which I will go to overcome legal obstacles to open-ended, long-term antibiotic treatments, including intramuscular and intravenous delivery.

As I pursue treatment, I am going to publicly defy the ruling U.S. medical treatment guidelines. At the same time I will raise the demand for access to health care, free of charge, for all—like I witnessed in three visits to Cuban hospitals. And I will raise the demand for access to health care, free of charge, for all—free from racism, documentation, woman-hating, and anti-LGBTQ/+ ideological barriers.

For more specifics about the controversy and struggle over care, see: “Casualty of an undeclared war,”

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